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History, Philosophy and Science
Behind the Living Motion System

The concept of the Living Motion System was derived from a single point, like the single cell. The health and function of your whole body is inseparable from the health of each cell and the information each cell is receiving and expressing. Neurological receptors located in our brain, spine, joints, muscles, and various tissues of the body, detect and transmit information about movement, position and tension of the connective tissue of the body that influence and form our mental concept of the 3-dimensional space we live in. Excess or a lack of tension on the connective tissues and cell's microstructure causes an imbalance in the electromagnetic, biochemistry and physiology of the body.

It has been estimated that about ninety percent of all the sensory information conveyed to the brain and spinal cord is related to the body's movement and position in the gravity field of the earth.This information is conveyed to the spinal cord and brain, and is integrated with other physiological activities of the muscles, heart, liver, stomach, kidneys and all tissues of the body. When there is an imbalance, the body malfunctions. The Living Motion System was invented to use more of the body's natural capacities to improve function of strength, endurance, balance, coordination and overall conscious awareness.

The most realistic way of viewing the spine is not as a compression column and the joints as strictly mechanical levers,but as floating units suspended in space by the balanced tension of ligaments, fascia, tendons, muscles and various types of connective tissue which increase your physical awareness in 3-dimensional space. The Living Motion System can help you achieve more of an expanded total spherical conscious awareness, as opposed to a limited linear "cause and effect" conscious awareness. We are a 360 degree spherical feeling, sensory and motor system. Instead of restricting our function to linear, divided and limited ideas, the intention is to feel life as a unified coherent reality. We can realize more of our power as a creative individual the more we express and live it.

Everyone agrees that correct posture is important, not only from an appearance point of view, but more importantly, from a health point of view. Posture is an outer physical expression of an inner balance of consciousness that is integrated and formed with the natural energy forces of gravity, light, sound, motion, air and electromagnetism. The Living Motion System was created to improve the function of the body by challenging it with these natural stimuli in an interesting, safe and exciting way.

This system is unique in its total combination of activity and stimulation necessary for overall fitness. Whether you have injuries or not, your life will be improved with the increased strength, flexibility, balance and coordination offered by the use of the Living Motion System.


The main understanding about the Living Motion System is that it is not limited to a specific type of exercise like most single purpose machines. It has the functional capacity to provide very complex neurological, multiple tasking type of exercise. A safe way of doing multiple tasking exercise can be very helpful in many neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's. Of course, treating any disease disorder must be directed by a licensed and qualified doctor.

Jon Andersen
Strongest Man in North America 2004

“I went to Dr. Proctor ten days before the competition bent over to one side with back pain. I didn't’t know if I would be able to compete. With the help of the Living Motion System, I won the title.” A few months later, CNN did a story on people who achieve greatness and filmed Jon using the Living Motion System.