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What People Are Saying About
the Living Motion System:

"I'm taking fewer blood pressure pills..."

"...a 9.2% increase in bone density..."

"...if you're not into plastic surgery..."


“6 out of 7 days a week I must do something to be active. So if I’am not swimming, I’am using The Living Motion System- I would say 4 to 5 times a week. My wife’s using it now too. General fitness is her plan. She alternates between the treadmill and the LMS platform.”

“This system can give me the 30 minute workout. It’s extremely efficient. The challenge to life is keeping a strong lower back, which I had injured in about 1975. So, what the Living Motion System has given me is 2 things: flexibility with strength and it has prolonged my working career.”

-Stuart Quan, Ship’s Captain

“I think I’d say that it’s a system that allows you to exercise all of your muscles and improve your coordination as well. If you compare it to other machines, they give you just one particular motion; they’re not stimulating your hand eye coordination, and various other parts of your brain that you probably haven’t used since you were a kid like the Living Motion System is.”
“And I like the idea that the exercises I’am doing for my shoulder- that it’s more of a natural exercise- it’s like the exercise that you are doing if you’re doing work in the yard, trimming a tree or picking up a piece of wood. You could argue that what this is doing is keeping you fit for real life.”
-David Mitchell
Ph.D. in chemical engineering

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“Richard (Proctor) and the Living Motion machine have done so much for me. I have arthritis and knee problems- so I’am walking bone on bone- and that machine is like you’re walking on air, it does’t hurt like you’re walking on the pavement.”
“I also have a neck injury and since I’ve started working on the Living Motion System I haven’t had any pain in my neck at all. The neck exercises are exactly what I need. And they’re just so simple. I used to walk 18 miles a week, I like to walk. I can’t walk at all now and this machine is going to help me start walking again.”
-Paula Paul

“It was 2 years ago in December that I started using the Living Motion System, I had a horrible experience with my back. I’am a golfer and I was out playing golf with a friend and did some stuff that was kind of stupid. Basically I crawled into Richard’s office on all fours, it was really bad. I’ve had a problem with my back my entire adult life because I hurt it when I was about 18 years old, so it has always kind of nagged me. Now, with using the Living Motion System, it is probably the best it’s been in 20 years… Anything that helps a golfer hit a ball further, you know-that’s an automatic sell!”
-Rob Nelson

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“The thing that confirmed my belief in the Living Motion System was that I hurt my back and I was using it for about a year, then I started doing other things and my back started bothering me again. So, I said, ‘Wait a minute. I better pull back and stick with my (Living Motion System) routine.’ Then the problem went away again.”
-Jon Phiels

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Jerry Simonsen
Industrial Light and Motion

Q: Has the Living Motion System been working for you?

A: Yeah, it’s been working great! I like working with the machine because…I’ve liked to move my body for years and years. In my senior year in high school I got knocked out, got a neck injury. I couldn't’t find anybody to deal with it, so all sorts of symptoms followed. Eventually, I was taking 16 aspirin a day-

Q: Oh my God. How’d you get knocked out?

A: Football. But it was just, every time I would start exercising again, something would tighten up and then I would stop. Then I would take several months to get back to a semi-balanced place, but everything I was doing was basically compressing the spine or putting more muscle into it. The Living Motion System creates more mobility and flexibility as well as strength. Even walking can be a problem for me because if I do too much of that, it’s repetitive stress. But things like this… they give you movement, more mobility and flexibility. So I’am just doing it slowly. I don’t work hard, I don’t exhaust myself. I do it to feel my body loosen up, release my neck, and I’am loving it… I’am taking fewer blood pressure pills now.

Q: Really, this has lowered your blood pressure?

A: Yeah, I’ve lost about 20 pounds. It’s going slowly, but I’am feeling good. I’am starting to think about some new pants.


Jackie Strohl
Retired Teacher

Q: So, what should I know about you?

A: I am 74 years old now- born 11-30-30. I am grateful to Dr. Proctor for his creativity and consummate knowledge of the body. I was one of the first people to use the Living Motion System.

Since I started, I have experienced a 9.2% increase in bone density of the lumber spine and an 8.7% gain in my left hip. I attribute the increase to the Living Motion System, particularly the platform that acts like a trampoline.

Q: How do you describe the Living Motion System when you tell people about it?

A: Oh, well mainly I connect with the platform, and using my arms with the small poles. But another thing that I do when I’am on the platform is simultaneously place my fingers in the metal holes on either side, all the way up the rows of ten and then back down. Richard said this would stimulate my mind and I have noticed more acuteness in my thinking.


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Theresa Mahoney

Q: …and so you keep doing it?

A: Well I go for a little while and then I drop out. But I’am determined now because I stopped for a while and I got incredibly out of shape. I put on weight, which I don’t normally do. You know, I sit in front of a computer for 9 hours a day and I just have to exercise. So this is really important to me, this is a good program. I like this- (she performs an exercise)

Q: The ab crunches?

A: Yes they’re my favorite! The abs are the best. And it doesn't bother your back at all. That’s what I really like.

Q: How would you describe the Living Motion System if you were to recommend it?

A: Well I’ve talked to people already about it, to other women.

The biggest thing is that it doesn't impact your joints, you can really isolate your muscles, like your abs. The exercises, especially for your neck, are great if you’re not into plastic surgery. With the Living Motion System you can get the same results as you would with plastic surgery. I just feel that you get quicker results because of the way it isolates. I really believe in it. I think it’s a great change from the weights. I wasn’t working on my triceps, I wasn’t doing anything with my legs, because I have a back problem. But there’s an exercise where I can work on my triceps and it’s not going to affect my back. And there’s an exercise for my legs, and it’s not going to impact my knee.


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